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  • Molded, fiberglass base, inside dimensions: 45″ x 93″
  • Molded, fiberglass ceiling contour as per drawings
  • Molded, fiberglass interior float room wall panels
  • Sealed door unit with tempered glass, or optional solid panel door
  • Steel framing for outer walls and ceiling
  • 2″ thick, thermal and sound control insulation wall and ceiling panels
  • UV and ozone sanitation system, UL rated, (ozone not include on the base model)
  • 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter, filtering 5-10 microns, UL rated
  • Magnetic drive water circulation pump, 36 GPM, UL rated
  • Dimmable LED overhead lighting, UL rated
  • Client controlled underwater lighting – multi-color
  • Spa water heater with browser-based control, UL rate, (browser based control not include on the base model)
  • Two PVC coated structural aluminum handicap bars inside the float room, (not include on the base model)
  • Automation control system with browser based control interface, UL rated., (not include on the base model)
  • Heated air-exchange system and exhaust air system and desktop control, (exhaust air system not include on the base model)
  • Client call system – hands-free intercom system for easy client/staff communication, (not include on the base model)
  • Full set of stamped engineered plans ­– a must in many states for public facilities, (not include on the base model)