Should You Get a Float Tank?

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Benefits Of A Float Tank

Why you need to get a Float Tanks today:

Nowadays, we are more prone to always being in a hurry, overworked and stressed that most of the time, we are not even aware of it. A large portion of our time is spent running errands, or working, even when our bodies are in need of rest and relaxation. We end up leaving ourselves with little to no time to help our bodies recharge. We need to incorporate activities into our lives that help us support the regeneration process of our bodies and help us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Flotation therapy is one such activity that can help you soothe and heal the body from life’s constant triggers and all of that is made possible with a float tank.

Your customers can easily reap the benefits of a float tank

How flotation therapy works:

Our nervous system has three divisions: The sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system and enteric nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system, when active, produces the fight-or-flight response whereas the parasympathetic nervous system produces the rest-and-digest response that is responsible for relaxation, healing, replenishment, etc.. Flotation therapy helps suppress the sympathetic nervous system and then activates the parasympathetic nervous system therefore allowing relaxation, healing and replenishment to take place throughout the body. Once activated, the parasympathetic nervous system leads to the brain releasing elevated levels of the neurotransmitters of happiness-dopamine and endorphin’s, decreased muscle tension, decreased blood pressure and decreased stress hormones. Flotation therapy basically involves a float tank, also known as the isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank (as it is entirely light-proof and sound-proof) that contains 6 to 12 inches of sterile water filled with 800 lbs. of medical-grade Epsom salt.

Benefits of starting flotation therapy:

     A 60 to 90 minute session in the float tank can greatly minimize stress and yield a number of health benefits. A relaxing session in a flotation tank is known to induce numerous benefits such as relief in back pain, neck pain, arthritis, inflammation and psychosomatic pain. It also results in an enhanced immune function as it suppresses stress hormones that weaken the immune system and also affects the digestive and reproductive systems.  It is also great for those suffering from adrenal fatigue as sessions in a flotation tanks help prevent such fatigue.

Flotation therapy also increases circulation in the body, resulting in better elimination of metabolic byproducts and induces muscular relaxation by reducing the forces of gravity. Those deficient in magnesium can benefit greatly from sessions in a float tank as the extremely high concentration of Epsom salts are absorbed through the skin and can help supplement the need for this mineral which helps relieve premenstrual symptoms and menopause symptoms, regulate high blood pressure,  and prevent osteoporosis as well as cardiovascular disease. Sessions in a float tank also helps attain an altered state of consciousness by generating a feeling of intense awareness while being extremely relaxed. Flotation therapy helps the nervous system have a ‘break’ as the sensory deprivation tank cuts off as much external stimuli as possible. It is also known to decrease anxiety and depression by inducing a sense of calmness and well-being.

So what are you waiting for? Get your flotation therapy session today in your very own float tank NOW!

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