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Earn 6 Figures From An Automated Float Spa

Follow these 3 key steps to start a successful float business from day 1.


How Do You Actually Make Money With A Float Room?

To have 8 float sessions per day is not unusual, in fact it's quite average. Each session will be around 60 minutes long and $45 is more then fair. Depending on where you live, some float therapy centers charge $60 or $80 per hour.

Can I really make over $10,000/month?
To make over $10,000/month in revenue all you need to do is have 10 float sessions per day at the average industry rate, if you choose to charge $60 per float, you'll make over $12,000 in additional income.
Float Sessions Per Day Revenue Per Day Revenue Per Month Revenue Per Year
4 $180 $2,322 $54,288
6 $270 $6,966 $82,152
8 $360 $9,288 $110,016
10 $450 $11,610 $137,888

Based on being open 6 days per week and charging $45.00 per 60 min. float session per float room

Starting A New Business?

Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, in a step by step format to set you up for success. We've seen what goes into running a 6 figure float spa and we'll share all the industry secrets with you! All the way from opening up your spa to marketing your business for success.

Already Have A Business?

Adding a Wave Float Room to your business will increase monthly revenue by thousands right from the get-go and have very minimal expenses. Once the room is set up you can allow clients to float without any added headaches or work on your part.

The Number 1 Purchased Float Room On The Market

Step By Step Instructions To Help You Succeed

Industry Leading Technology

  • Precise air control
  • Zero condensation
  • Fresh air system
  • Premium sound control
  • A comfortable and inviting environment
  • Fully automated sound system

Why Floatation Therapy?


Float rooms and spas have been popping up all over the US and Canada, and can be very profitable.

Massive Benefits

Flotation therapy and sensory deprivation offers vast physical and mental benefits that users all across the world are enjoying.

High Demand

People all over are looking to try out floatation therapy and once they experience the benefits they'll stay with you.