Floating and Sports Training

Floating And Pregnancy

Float rooms represent a new dimension in sports training and recovery for the elite athlete.
Floating will maximize the benefits of your training program. High and intense exercise stimulates the muscles to grow, but the actual growth and strengthening takes place during relaxation (about 30 to 40 hours after the stimulation occurs). The deep relaxation of the float room will improve circulation leading to an accelerated growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.
Extreme physical exercise often causes a rapid build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. This is experienced as pain, fatigue and cramping which can last for days . The build up of lactic acid is also linked to feelings of depression and anxiety known as “post-game let down”. Floating is one method of reducing the effects of lactic acid and removing other waste materials from the body. This reduces the risk of over-training.
Many sports injuries are not injuries due to physical contact, but are the result of inappropriate muscle tension. Floating will loosen the muscles and give an athlete a greater degree of control over their autonomic nervous system. This will reduce the risk of injury during training or competition. When injury does occur, floating will speed up the recovery and alleviate pain.

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