How to Market Your Float Spa Business

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September 22, 2016
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September 23, 2017

Why Float spa?

In the Health and Wellness community, Starting a Float Spa business seems to be the rage these days. But how can it not be? It is a highly profitable business and unlike a traditional massage that requires full time employees and long hours, float spa business is a one time investment that yields a very sustainable result.

But since Float spa and sensory deprivation tanks is such a new business. How do you reach out to people and get them to buy in to your services? Whether or not you own a traditional spa and looking for something new and sustainable, or on the fence about marketing your very own Float spa business, then you are in the right place ! What we have here is a simple step-by step guide to marketing your very own float business.

1.Having your own Responsive Float Spa website !

Here is something majority of Float Business owners do not know: If you have an non-responsive website in 2017, You are losing your traffic to your competitors. Google have a preference for a responsive website. What is a web responsive site? Well, have you ever access a responsive site on the phone & laptop only to realize that they both look slightly different? That’s a responsive website.

If you have a static website you asked your niece in college to build for you, chances are it’s not up to date and missing out on elements that would have otherwise make you a lot more money !

If you have a broken static website or you don’t have a website at all, my suggestion is this: go get yourself one. It’s near impossible to build a strong online marketing without at least a decent website.

2. Start Collecting Emails

What’s the point of a website if you can’t convert these visitors into a paying customer? One of the best way to set up a marketing funnel is to offer something for free while they are on the website. Whether it could be a free coupon code to be used at your float spa or a discount on a premium membership– anything is possible as long as it provides up front value to your customer.

Tell your visitors that in order to redeem these codes at your spa, they will need to put the email address down. And Voila! You have collected an email of your first lead ! Try not to be pushy and give them as much value as possible in your emails and they will come running to your float spa doorstep ~

3. Building up your own Social Media

What else could you use aside from emails and website? Well those are just the basic building block of your spa’s marketing campaign. To take your traffic to the next level and get them into your website, you will need Social Media. Namely, you will need Facebook and Instagram Account.

3.i)Setting up Facebook

Almost every single float spa you can name will have a Facebook marketing campaign or a Facebook page set up. This is mainly due to the fact that an average person will spend nearly 2 hours of their time each day on it. The key to posting engaging post on FB though is to try to be funny! You don’t need to resort to funny cat videos for likes and comments (although you can and nobody will stop you).

Currently content that do a very good job on FB are posts that provide a lot of helpful information. Posts that ask the audiences a lot of questions will gain a tonne of comments as well. In this example, you could post a question asking your audiences about a health related questions like what’s their secret to keeping a healthy balance in their diet? How do you treat yourself from back pain or injuries. Alternatively you can repost good blog posts or health related content you see on the internet.

Video content is doing an amazing job on Facebook in 2017. Why not post a video once a week showing your physical location? Maybe even a simple video interview about one of your customers asking them for testimonials and what they like about your float spa?

3.ii) Instagram

You already have Facebook account up and running, why bother with Instagram? Well, I will need to tell you that right now majority of people into health, fitness and spirituality, basically everybody that could potentially be in your target market are on looking & even shopping in Instagram. An Instagram account for health related company is a must-have.

In order to have a successful Instagram account, you will have to make sure that you have the best quality photo possible. Instagram now supports stories, so whether you build out your Photo or Video content on Instagram. Make sure they look as good as your Float spa in real life.

*important: link your posts and Social media accounts back to your website so you can keep generating leads.

4. Working on Search Engine

Last but not least, one last trick to setting up a killer Marketing funnel is having a Search engine optimization strategy. That means, in layman terms, that you are optimizing your website to be most seen on Search engine such as Google ! There are many more things you could do on your website, but the number one key thing is to make sure you have a top quality blog content on your website on a consistent basis. A ‘How-to’ content is generally great for blog posts. For example, ‘How to decide how long you should float’ or ‘What first time floaters should know before going into a float room’.

This is simply a brief guide to setting u a Marketing Funnel for your Float spa business. Our one last word of advice to people setting up their Marketing Funnel is to not go cheap on it. Not only could cheap funnel damage your brand in the long run and make you lose business. I know it’s tempting to let your second-cousin’s daughter take care of all your social media. But just because these kids are young does not mean they should be managing your brand’s presence. Don’t go cheap on setting up your Funnel and you might even see more than 10x return on your investment.

Best of luck with your Float business !

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