Isolation Tank Advantage

Today, there is a variety of pressure that is handed to both men and women on any given day.  The reason for this is a combination […]
discover the true benefit of sensory deprivation tanks

Sensory Deprivation Tank: Should You Get One?

Sensory Deprivation Tanks: The Best Thing Ever In modern day society, there is a wide range of pressure on every single person. Whether it is mental […]
float tanks are great for cognitive psychology

Benefits Of A Float Tank

What’s a Float tank anyways? What exactly is a float tank? Float tank (also known as Sensory deprivation tank or Isolation tank) is an enclosed, lightless […]

Should You Get a Float Tank?

Why you need to get a Float Tanks today: Nowadays, we are more prone to always being in a hurry, overworked and stressed that most of […]

How to Market Your Float Business

Why a Float spa? In the Health and Wellness community, Starting a Float Spa business seems to be all the rage these days. But how can […]

Is Opening A Flotation Center For You?

Do you remember where you were when you had a ‘divine inspiration’? That light-bulb, A-HA moment … Oh my God! I HAVE to open a Flotation […]

Floating and Pain Management

Are you suffering from chronic back pain, headaches, or some other painful condition? Floating can be a part of your pain management program! Pain is eased […]

Floating And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard enough on a woman’s body as they try to adapt to all of the hormonal changes and additional weight gain thrown at them. […]